Welcome to the Big Bass/Little Bass Lake Association Website

Welcome to the BBLBL website.  We hope that you enjoy the information that appears on the website.   We will share with you all of the things that the Association is doing.  We hope to include things that you the viewers like and enjoy.

There was a question “Can anyone post an item on the website?”.    The answer to that question involves some explanation.  In order to assure that only things that are in the interest of the association are shown on the website, it is necessary to look at  everything prior to posting.   If anyone has something they would like to have posted  you can talk to a Board Member.  We have also created  an email address that you can use to ask any questions or share info that you may have.  This email address will be the most direct way you can use to do that– bblblakes@gmail.com.    All emails received will be read and those that need Board  review will be forwarded to Tony Ellis, the Association President, for disposition.    Any others will be answered directly.

USE THIS NEW TOOL–          bblblakes@gmail.com

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    Great website, thanks Clare !!!

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